Little Heroes ASD Support Group Christmas Grotto 2022

Images from our 9th Christmas Grotto experience!

Little Heroes ASD Support Group Gala 2022

Our second charity gala took place on Saturday 19th November 2022 at The Boundary, Garons. It was a fab night had by all and we can’t wait to celebrate with you all again in 2023!

Little Heroes ASD Support Group's 10th Birthday Cake Smash

What better way to celebrate our 10th birthday as a support group, then by inviting a few regular pre-school attendees down for a cake smash photoshoot! The kids loved getting messy, and eating cake – whilst documenting such milestone is a very special way!

Little Heroes City Fest 2022

Over the summer holidays, we decided to throw our own accessible festival! With the likes of Crazy Ryan, an on-site pizza company and lots of fun games, the day was a success!

SPARK Puppet Project 2022

We were lucky enough to work with ‘Elevator Arts’ to provide our families with a puppet project. This was our first attempt of an after school club and it was a hit! 

Photographs below of “Before the Jabawock”. Photography by Free Film Photography.

Socially Distanced Lockdown Picnics 2020

Throughout 2020/ 2021 Little Heroes ASD Support Group was proactive to the ever changing rules and guidance with regards to Covid-19.  We kept families informed and supported via the most appropriate methods, we appreciate that different families needed supporting in different ways and we did exactly that!

These picnics were our first steps to bringing likewise families together again in order to reduce social isolation wherever possible.

Little Heroes ASD Support Hub

We utilised the time during lockdown to complete the transformation of our new home.

October 2019 was when we took on the keys for our very own premises, located on London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea!

We had spent many years operating out of local children centres and community buildings, we literally worked out of a suitcase.  The children that we supported were growing up fast and outgrowing the children centre environments, these venues no longer seemed appropriate for the upper ages.

We spent several months listening to families to ensure that we had captured their wishes in the transformation.

Check out the before and after pictures to see the full impact…



Summercourt Sessions

Summercourt Children Centre is where Little Heroes ASD Support Group began back in 2012 as a monthly coffee morning.  The families loved the time here, however we needed a place of our own as we physically outgrew the premises. 

Over the years we spent time at a number of different venues, but somehow we knew we needed our own place to call home.

Friars Sessions

Holiday Sessions

Little Heroes offers a range of activities for children in holiday time, including bike rides, bowling trips, fun parties for children and soft play sessions at Kingsdown School.

Now we are increasing the range of activities we organise to cater for the ever widening age range of the children we support.  Activities are aimed at children 6 years and under or 7 years and above.

Take a look at our gallery to see just some of the fun things we get up to!


Christmas can be challenging for many.  Little Heroes ASD Support Group organises private events each year to cater for the families who we support.

We work with venues to make the adventure as magical as possible for all, a place where the children can have fun and the adults do not feel judged.

Over the years we have accommodated thousands of children and utilised venues such as Wellbeing Garons, Kids Kingdom and Leisure Island.


Autism Awareness is the key to acceptance for our Little Heroes and their families. It is fabulous for everyone to support each other and enable awareness to grow in our local community. We do this via a number of methods and here is just a few…..