General Open Day – Friday 31st May 2024

Friday 31st May 2024

12noon to 4pm

This session is open to all and does not require booking. There are members of the local community who want to see what is happening and this is where and how they can do exactly this. Friends and family all welcome.

We do need to make this clear that parent/ carer supervision is required at all times as this will be a free flow. The place will be slightly different to a normal session as no small toys will be out, just the static items such as playroom (to use all must remove shoes) and hopefully garden pieces if we can get the basics done by then.

This may also be busier and noisier than what we expect of the venue in general, please take this into consideration.

In this day there will be information on display and some fun features (weather dependent).

We ask for all guests to be respectful of one another and the premises. There is no fee to attend, however donations are very welcome – we are self funded and every penny really does help. Refreshments will be available upon the day for small donations.

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