Thank you to The National Lottery Community fund for enabling our organisation….

Those of you who attend our hub on a regular basis will recognise Natalie. Natalie joined us just before Christmas last year and has been very active and hands on within the in-hub sessions. Natalie has started her own ‘Sensory Seekers’ activities during session to provide new and different ways of play for our families.

Little Heroes ASD Support Group has been in existence for almost 10 years and for the majority of this time prior to taking on our own premises, everything was done by volunteers! The pandemic changed everything for the set up of the organisation and with different opportunities this small charity was able to employ 3 members of staff! Once again with the help of The National Lottery Community Funding, we was able to review what was needed to help develop what we could offer the local community. With an Awards For All grant being awarded in July/ August last year we was able to employ a 4th member of the team – our Family Facilitator!!!

Natalie has been part of the supportive community for many years with her family and has also volunteered for a number of years too. She is a great asset and a fresh mind, being very creative in activities and session set ups. Natalie is very “hands on” with the preschool sessions which then gives others the opportunity to support families more and Kim our Charity Co-ordinator a chance to concentrate on tasks such as searching for funding to keep the charity going and developing it for the good of all.

We are very grateful the The National Lottery has been able to help the organisation take yet another step to help Little Heroes ASD Support Group grow.

Watch this space, who knows what is next? As we say “Never Say Never”

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