Summer Fun 2022!!

With thanks to The Cherry Foundation, the team at Little Heroes ASD Support Group was able to develop a busy schedule of activities to ensure families of children with autism are able to get out and about in the community and take part in fun activities with their siblings, parents and carers.

With the grant being agreed in May/ June time, discussions was had with families who attended the hub for a variety of sessions, this was to ensure what we would eventually be offering was what families actually wanted. Lots of suggestions were made which made the process very rewarding for all.

We are all taking small steps after the pandemic but want to ensure that social isolations continuously reduces. The below activities are just some of the fun that will be created during the holiday period. With over 1,000 spaces being offered out via 20 sessions we think we are on the journey to help to do just that!

As you can imagine the activities are in high demand, this is why preparation is the key. If you have not been fortunate enough to register interest and be offered spaces, then please take action to ensure you are included in the future. These activities and other activities are generally advertised within our hub 6 to 8 weeks before the events, for summer this was approx 6 weeks before the holiday period. We have a priority notice board that we recommend everyone checks on a regular basis, our team try to chat to people about what is on offer too, however with very busy sessions and lots happening we are all only human and can easily forget.

When you attend any of our hub sessions, on first visit we will ask you to complete a basic form. This is so we have your details registered should any opportunities become available. It also shows you are active and willing to be involved. We ask that you register with us interest for any upcoming activities. At a suitable time we close of the interest and then offer places from the priority set up. If there are any spaces available we advertise this via our social media routes and newsletters, we then take interest from families known to us who have previously completed a form. Social media is so open we need to ensure we are actually offering families of children with autism these activities, rather than just anyone. We do have requests in person at our hub and virtually from families who have children who are neurotypical and can therefore access mainstream activities and venues with ease.

Therefore if you have never attended, then book in for a preschool session or weekend session, or if your child is within a setting then come along to a Friday drop in support session. This way you find out everything that is happening, get a chance to build up a supportive community around you and receive support, information and advice in a safe understanding environment.

And remember activities are not just for summer! The Cherry foundation has funded 12 months of activities, so get along to the hub and be involved when we open the doors again on a full time basis in September. Get active, be a part of a supportive community and enjoy life with your children!

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