SPARK Puppet Workshop with Elevator Arts, 2022

We have been working in partnership with ‘Elevator Arts’ to create a fantastic opportunity for our families. You might have seen us posting this over social media quite a bit – it was definitly one not to miss!

Over the course of 10 weeks, the children learnt a lot about the art of puppetry and the different types of puppet. From shadow puppets to junk puppets, the creative opportunities were endless! Every week had a set aim, which allowed the children to explore their creativity and helped them to look at things in a different way to usual.

In the lead up to the final weeks, the children had to create their own story. They had to create a script aswell as stage the play. The main feature of their story was a huge jabawock puppet – of which the children made along with the help of Kim and Hannah. After weeks of prepping, it was time for the jabawock to shine!

This was the first time we had trialled an after school club, and it was a hit! On the final week, the children performed their play to their parents – of whom loved it! It was very rewarding to see how each child had progressed during the process – whether that was coming out of their sheel and becoming more confident, or by working on their art skills and looking at creativity from a different aspect.

A massive thank you to Hannah and Kim for running these sessions for us, Alison for providing us with this opportunity, and the families that attended for being consistent and supporting us with something new!

Photography – Free Film Photography

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