Little Heroes Update – Coronavirus and Socially Distanced Picnics

We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our hub is abiding by the government guidelines, whilst adding the finishing touches to our facilities. This has meant we have been unable to use the hub to provide any face-to-face support sessions.

However, we were lucky enough to get in contact with Garons Health and Wellbeing Centre to arrange several weeks worth of outdoor time for our families. With Covid-19, many of our families were anxious and worried to go outdoors. This made us think about how we could encourage them to get some fresh air and relax in a safe environment, whilst also allowing time for socially-distanced, social interaction with other families.

We wanted to make our first outdoor session memerable. We teamed up with ‘Scope Local People Project’ to offer a fun painting activity for the children and parents, led by local artist John Bulley. The idea behind this was to use cardboard boxes, paint them and ‘break out of lockdown’. This session went really well, and it allowed our families to relax, get back to a sense of normality and improve their mental wellbeing.

We were lucky enough to have Claire Naylor come down and take some photos of the first picnic event. Please see below for a selection of these images.

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