WOW – what a year!!!!

2019 was the year that the dream started to become a reality. We found our new home – a place we would transform into the Little Heroes ASD SUPPORT HUB!

Throughout December we introduced some of our families to the premises in the form of the AGM and our last drop in support session of 2019. The front support area is almost complete but with our families we recognised a few minor changes needed. We hope that this will be completed asap and we can use this area on a more regular basis.

There is further work to be completed in the rear area of the property – we are very excited but have to walk before we can run so basic work will be happening to make the area usable. There is also an accessible toilet as work in progress ensuring that all of our families have a safe, secure and clean area to tend to their child’s toiletry needs no matter their age or ability.

As you can imagine this is not cheap and we are looing at multiple ways to raise funds to cover upcoming costs. We appreciate all of the help we are receiving and if you would like to do something to contribute then please get in contact.

Together we will enable – never say never!!!!!

Here is to a productive and magical 2020 for all of our families past, present and future.

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