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For those of you that are familiar with Little Heroes ASD Support Group you will recognise we work extremely closely with our local SENDIASS service and are fortunate to have a positive working relationship. Over the past year we have been collaborating and together we felt as though our local families could benefit from a visit from Geoff Evans, with many years experience in the world of autism we knew he would empower so many.

And without fail that is exactly what he did! Four parent workshops was delivered locally offering over 240 seats in total for people within out local community in early June. No word can express the positivity in the room better than how MRS T puts it, please see her below extract after day 1:

Mrs T & ASD

June 4 at 3:58 PM ·

Today I attended a free information event hosted by SENDIASS and Little Heroes. I had the pleasure of meeting today’s speaker Mr Geoff Evans, who talked passionately and shared his expertise and wealth of knowledge on all things Autism- more specifically Autism and anxiety, stress and managing behaviours of concern.

Within the first half hour of Geoff’s presentation I found myself overwhelmed emotionally and temporarily removed myself from the room to have a little cry… why?

Before me stood a man with years of experience of understanding and helping individuals with Autism. He has made a difference to so many children’s lives, helping whole families. But more than that. He not only understood and helped… he really, truly got it. I was completely caught off guard to be made to feel like I was doing the right thing. To be built up. To be made to feel valid- my parenting is right. My concerns are right. The way I choose to deal with things are good enough and sometimes just doing what it takes to get through the day- is ENOUGH.

So often as Autism parents we are made to feel less than. Perhaps offered parenting courses. Being told a lot of the things we are doing wrong. I’m sure the intentions are well meant, ‘you should be doing this instead’ always offered in consolation. But not today.

Today felt like a real connection, a genuine understanding of what we go through as parents and there was SO much useful information and insight delivered, but in an empowering way. The whole family is important when it comes to helping a child with Autism. The whole team around the child- professionals included- matter. Everyone has to be ok. If you get the opportunity to hear Geoff Evans speak in future I highly recommend you do, whilst funny and engaging he brings a wealth of information to help us along through our Autism journeys.

If you’re feeling worn down and doubting yourself and your parenting abilities- please, take some time to recharge. Do something for yourself, lift your mood a little and take another look. You are enough, you can do it.

You are enough.

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