Wow – time flies when we are having fun!!!

Time is going so quick and we cannot believe that we are almost in May. Six months since our AGM and our parent volunteers who make up our committee are really driving the charity forward in so many ways!

As we say “NEVER SAY NEVER”, so watch this space!

Lots are going on behind the scene to develop our grass roots organisation, effectively reacting to comments and suggestions of our families.

New and exciting activities have been offered over the Easter break and there is even more to come in the next few months. Make sure you are registered to receive our monthly updates and familiarise yourself with our activity calendar on this website. As always activities can be booked in the weekly sessions, so don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities.

We have worked effectively with Scope’s Local People Project, Leigh Lions, The Round Table and Alpi Uk Ltd and succeeded in receiving funding for two projects – one being a Community Magic Carpet and the other being an additional session to our regular sessions in the form of a monthly Saturday Dad’s Club.

We look forward to breaking down the barriers even further with the addition of two further monthly sessions in the form travelling sessions and evening sessions. Our first travelling session will be on Monday 13th May at Hamstel Children Centre from 12noon to 2pm.

We could not do this without the support of our families, friends and volunteers which we thank each and everyone of you for. In order to keep the organisation growing and providing what is needed for our local community we welcome feedback and input from everyone involved. If you would like to give back to the community and assist with any of our Little Heroes Support Group sessions (weekly support, dad’s club, travelling sessions, evening sessions, holiday activities, admin duties and fundraising opportunities) please contact Kim via email

Looking forward to what of the rest of the year holds for Little Heroes ASD Support Group and our first very own Charity Gala which will be a fabulous evening all round. We want to start this off as we intend to go on and build on this event even more each and every year, creating a wider awareness and more funds to be able to deliver the support our families deserve to receive.

Never say Never !!!

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