What a fabulous session yesterday at Kingsdown Soft Play. Not only did all of our Little Heroes and their families have a fun time in a relaxed and supportive environment, we had a special visitor!

Evie’s Nanny Andrea popped in to say hi, see her granddaughter having fun with friends and of course join in. Late in 2018 Evie and her family was at one of our sessions, where as part of a talk we spoke about a possible upcoming project – The Magic Carpet. Very interested, they took time out to ask more, then after the session chatted with others about the funding we hoped to achieve. As a result of this Andrea put Little Heroes ASD Support Group forward to the company she works for – ALPI UK LTD for a donation. We was amazed when we received contact stating that our group had been selected for a donation and was even more over joyed when we discovered it would be £2,500! After discussions with Chloe (Evie’s Mummy) and our committee it was agreed that part of the funds would contribute to the Magic Carpet and the other part would be used to ensure that activities similar to the soft play sessions could continue, bringing more families together and providing fun activities for Evie and her friends.

Just goes to show it really is good to talk – one small conversation has enabled so much – thank you to all involved!

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